Our Approach

Our approach makes 407 Associates unique among its competitors.

Unlike most design, construction and development companies, which tend to outsource much of their work, we promote in-house job growth. 407 Associates is a job creator, hiring permanent employees whenever possible, rather than subcontracting most of its work.

By bringing design, construction and management talent in-house, 407 Associates’ companies are able to manage and complete projects more efficiently and cost effectively than traditional design-build operations. We do this predominantly by controlling the labor and materials schedules and workforce. This generates both financial and time savings, which our companies pass along to benefit our customers, reward our current employees, hire new staff, produce significant returns for our investors, and continue to grow.

Overseeing our subsidiary companies are 407 Associates’ principals and Board of Advisor members, who each offer at least 30 years of comprehensive real estate knowledge, financing expertise and general management capabilities.