Our Companies

407 Associates is divided into two sets of companies.
Design-Build-Manage and Land Development enterprises.


The Design-Build-Manage companies are wholly-owned companies and profit centers formed specifically to cover most aspects of real estate construction, from design through construction and management of the facilities. By bringing the design-build-management in-house, we can assure the best design, costing and, most importantly, control the scheduling of the delivery of the real estate project. This set of companies works not only on MainStreet 407 Partners’ projects but also on projects that cover the complete spectrum of possible clientele, from homeowner to major corporations.

407 Associates: Builders, Developers, Managers.
American Eagle: Design, Build, Manage.
MainStreet407 Homes: Custom Homes, Condominiums.
MainStreet407 Remodeling: Home Improvement, Additions, Insurance Claims.
MainStreet407 Design: Architecture, Engineering, Interiors.
MainStreet407 Mid-Atlantic Construction: Commercial, Residential.
MainStreet407 Glazing: Residential, Commercial, Windows, Doors.
MainStreet407 Underground: Developers, Builders, Managers.